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D&M Custom Cabinets understand that building and renovating can be a stressful process for homeowners. One of the services we offer to our customers is the initial consultation which walks our customer through each phase of design, construction and installation. We are also more than happy to give you a tour of our work shop to give you an idea of the craftsmanship that goes into the construction and finishing of our products.

The consultation serves as the basis for understanding our customers vision and to provide the best recommendations to accommodate their vision based on budget, aesthetics and functionality.


The next step is to meet our customer on site to take measurements and to survey the layout of the room/area where the cabinets are to be installed.

From this point we are able to create computer generated renditions of the installed cabinetry in various layouts to give our clients different visuals for our custom cabinetry built specifically for our clients’ specifications.

This step begins our process for discussing more in depth about layout as well as specific product styles.

Our Products

WE invite the customer to our showroom where they can select everything including: wood species, counter tops, hardware, moldings and the finish desired for their cabinetry.

Construction and Finish Work

Our construction takes place in our own work shop where we use the finest quality materials. After our client approves the final design our skilled craftsmen begin building each piece with great care and attention to detail. Each piece we build at D&M is inspected for durability and strength.
During the design process we discuss with the customer their choices for the cabinet finish. In most cases the cabinets will be finished before installation. Our cabinets are stained , then coated with sealer and lacquer to provide even more durability.


We want to always provide our customer with a professional, clean, timely installation. When construction is complete we arrange with our client the best time for installation of their new cabinets.

D&M Custom Cabinets strive to deliver and install our customer’s cabinets on time as agreed. Our staff is always attentive and respectful of our clients’ property taking all precautions to keep the installation site clean and safe.
D&M Custom Cabinets listen closely to each customer from design to installation making customer satisfaction our number one priority.