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We provide all our customers with quality services to meet your needs!

Our trained employees start with the wood of your choice--poplar, cherry, alder, and more-- to build a cabinet to the exact size you need. You get to choose how many drawers, doors, and shelves you wish to be in the cabinet as well as any color you wish them to be, whether it is paint or stain. Soft-close hinges and full-extension soft-close drawer slides come standard on all our cabinets. We also provide a collection of hardware that you get to choose from! 


Due to the customization of our cabinets and the wide variety of projects we complete, we cannot provide a ballpark price for your project without measurements. If you know your sizes, you can email or call our office so we can get started on an estimate. If you do not know your sizes, we can measure your space for you. 


We will give you an estimate at no cost to you. We can measure the area you want your cabinets so our trained employees can build to the exact size. We provide you with a computer-generated 3D preview of your cabinets to give you a visual of how they will look in your space. If you are building a new house or if you know the size of your space, you can send your plans and sizes HERE and we will begin working on your estimate. 


We require a 25% deposit to place you on our construction schedule. To determine when our next opening is, please call our office. Once your cabinets are built, but before they are painted/stained, 65% of the total price is due. The final 10% is due after delivery and/or installation.


Once you decide you would like to use D&M Custom Cabinets, upon paying a deposit, you will be placed on our construction schedule. It typically takes us 10 business days to complete your project from the start of construction. Before we start construction, you can customize your cabinets-- adding trash pullouts, spice pullouts, decorative items, and so much more! 


Due to high demand, it may be a few weeks before we can set up a measurement appointment. For a quicker estimate, you can measure your space and email them to us. We do not need exact measurements to get an estimate, and inch or two off is okay! We highly recommend this method to receiving your estimate in a timely manner. If you choose to use D&M, we will take final measurements before starting your project.

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